Our Capabilities

We supply virtually all major industries

Our Capabilities

The average DC Rollform technician has over 20 years of experience. Our skilled people, with their in depth experience of roll form design and production are our most valuable asset.  Our team can cost effectively convert a range of different profiles to the roll forming process.

Rapid prototype and sampling capability
Since DC Rollform is part of a totally integrated metal fabrication company, our capability to quickly and accurately produce actual samples prior to starting the roll form tooling allows our customers to see, feel, and apply the parts to their processes or mating parts.

Inventory management
By arranging an immediate consumption notification system, DC Rollform eliminates the inventory amplification that occurs with traditional MRP. We base our scheduling and shipments on your real time needs.

Roll forming raw materials
DC Rollform can shape all ferrous and non-ferrous forming metals with flat “panel-type” profiles up to 22” wide and more intricate “channel-type” profiles up to 10” wide x 3” high. Prepainted or vinyl covered steel available on compatible designs.

Material thickness
.010” -.134” standard, consult factory for other thicknesses.

Inline notching
Patterned cutoff for mating parts, sequenced hole patterns or notch patterns can be either staggered or repeated distances, embossing patterns, hemmed edges, conditioned edges.

Secondary operations
Forming, welding, complete powder coat painting, assembly, and packaging are all available.

Our precision quality roll formed products supply virtually all major industries including:

  • Industrial & residential building
  • Architectural design applications
  • Rail & road transport
  • Automotive
  • Recreational
  • Agricultural
  • Office furniture
  • Mining & heavy construction such as seaport dry docks & highway guide rail systems.